Tag: backup

  • WordPress CLI


    WP CLI er et kommandolinjeværktøj der kan bruges til installation og vedligeholdelse af WordPress. Vi giver nogle eksempler på hvad vi især bruger WP CLI til. Read more

  • Borg or Restic?


    In a previous article we wrote about some of the tools and services that we use on a regular basis to backup our Linux servers. Since then, Borg has become the tool that we rely on for most of our daily backup needs. It performs very well, it has all the features that we need, and it has proven… Read more

  • Backups Everywhere!


    A few years ago we lost a number of virtual servers due to an irrecoverable hardware issue at a local VPS provider. Those were managed servers, and as it turned out our provider (who shall remain nameless) had neglected to perform the daily backups that were in our service agreement. Whoops. Fortunately we hadn’t trusted… Read more