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Re-Learning JavaScript

Until a few years ago I didn’t really think of JavaScript as a programming language. At first it was just something that could be used to create flashy animations, counters and so on, and it usually just involved copy/pasting code that someone else had written and perhaps modifying a few lines to meet the requirements […]

WordPress Admin Area Memory Allocation

A recent project required us to create a fairly large multipage competition entry form for a WordPress website. Because of some complex validation requirements we decided to implement the form in JavaScript using React and Redux. The form allows the user to upload images and pdf files. These files are Base64 encoded and added to the Redux store. […]

EcmaScript 6

Programmeringssproget JavaScript har en mindre kendt slægtning der hedder EcmaScript. Sproget udvikles og standardiseres som EcmaScript, og nye versioner af EcmaScript finder så efterhånden vej til browserproducenternes forskellige implementeringer af JavaScript. Så når der kommer en ny version af EcmaScript er det værd at lægge mærke til, fordi nye ES features med tiden bliver tilgængelige i […]